Trying to read Fampo’s website

Sometimes, when I have the chance to use other PCs than the one I use dayly, for example when I visit friends or go to the local library, I see how Fampo’s website looks. And that was what I did yesterday. When I got on the screen, the latest news was from October 22nd last year. But I knew that I ubdated the website in December. Googling ‘Fampo’, I found that the wesite was indeed updated on December 17th.

This is not an isolated episode. Several people have told that they have been unable to view Fampo’s websites (we also have one in Norwegian). A couple of times, people have been unable to read Fampo’s website on their PC, but when they have talked with us, they may read it. Is both surveillance and sabotage involved? It seems so. Fampo’s leader, Dag Hiåsen, has even been hindered from sending e-mails to a few adresses. Certainly, the Internet is not intended to be used by everyone.

Erik Strand


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