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Now Fampo also has a blog, supplementing our website http://www.fampo.no. One reason for starting up a blog is that it gives our readers the possibility to contact Fampo, by posting a comment at this blog.

Wait a minute, some of you might think, Fampo has already got an e-mail address, haven’t they? Yes, but for several reasons I suspect that e-mail to and from the e-mail accounts which I use, are sabotaged. On several occasions, I have sent e-mails to people who I would guess have an interest for the content of the e-mail, but I do not know if they are able to read it. Those who oversee the surveillance of my e-mail, can stop the e-mail from reaching the mail adress to which it was meant to reach. And if it is not a person with whom I have regular contact, I will maybe never know if he/she has read the mail.

This is not wild speculation but a behaviour reasonable to expect. At Fampo’s website. I have collected some testimonies about surveillance and harassment by Norwegian authorities. You find them at www.fampo.no/surveillance.html.

Erik Strand


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